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Award 202011

Award 202011

Workshop on POCSO Act

Organised by women & Child Development Departent for Principals and Warden.

News coverage of POCSO Act Workshop

POCSO Act Workshop

At PG College, Jhabua

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Workshop on Womens Right with Anganwadi supervisors.









Protect Yourself



Women Icon of The Year award at International

Radio program on Covid-19-:Penal Provisions for Enforcing Social Distancing

Resourcse person for Criminal Law & Criminology for Syllabi Revision

At School of Law, DAVV, Indore

with Dean at Thailand

National Teaching Excellence Award, 2017

National Teaching Excellence Award, 2017

Award for, Environment Protection and Development 2017

Award for, Environment Protection and Development, 2017

Academic Excellence award, 2017

Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award 2017

Chairperson at M.P. Law Conclave, 2019

Panelist at M.P. Law Conclave,2019

Indian Education Award, 2019

Award in the field of Research in Education,2019

Best paper Award at International Research



International Research Conference, Tokyo

Workshop on POCSO Act

Organised by Women & Child Development Department for Principals and Wardens.

Workshop on PNDT Act

Organised by Women & Child Development Department for doctors.

Workshop on Medical laws

Organised by Women & Child Development Department for Doctors and Nurses.

Child Rights & POCSO Act Workshop

At Girls HS School

Guest Lecture on Psychopath Behaviour

At School of Law, MS University, Vadodra

Workshop on Women's and Child law

Govt. Girls HS School.

Workshop on POCSO Act

At IPS School

Workshop on POCSO Act & Chils Rigts

At Utkarsh School

Workshop on Child Rights & POCSO Act

At Missionary School

Resource person on Women's Law in India

Women's day Programme, 2019

Workshop on 'Psychopath Behaviour'

Organised by NMIMS Indore

Panelist at Harvard Law School conference

At Cambridge Conference

Chairing session at Cambridge

Keynote speaker at Cambridge conference

Conference at Oxford

Chairing session at Oxford

Conference at Singapore

Paper presentation at Singapore

Conference at Bangkok

Chairing session at Bangkok conference

Conference at Khon Kean University, Thailand



Dr Athulya Jayakumar, Clinical Psychologist

At the weninar on 'Online Bullyuing & Harrasment: Through the Lens of Law & Psychology'

Webinar on 'Online Bullying & Harrasment: Through the Lense of Law & Psychology'

Organised by Law Colloquy

Webinar on 'Right Approach to Judicail service Exam'

Organised by Law Colloquy

Prof.(Dr.) Debarati Halder, Karnawati University

At the webinar organised by Law Colloquy

Webinar at sage University

Webinar on Research Methodology

Webinar on Covid-19

Organized by Sage University

Sage University webinar

Speaker at the webinar

Organised by Law Colloquy

Webinar on 'Psychopath Behaviour'

Organised by Law Colloquy



NMIMS, Indore

Harvard Law School

At Oxford University

At Oxford University


With the President of International Social